About the hosts

Cisco, Laurine and Nat are currently the three co-hosts for the podcast who are taking turns to be the main host. We are also hoping to develop a bigger pool of hosts in order to widen our perspective, or at least bring in guests on a regular basis.


Cisco is an adult autist, advocating for his fellow autists and answering questions from those who seek to know more about the autistic experience. He also makes chainmaille having picked it up as a special interest and found that it works as a stim as well. He now sells his chainmaille products on Etsy.


Laurine loves studying, hence why she has barely ever stopped doing so. She enjoys being left-handed and writing with fountain pens (take that, primary school teacher!). Cupboards are a good thing, especially if you can fit baskets and hooks in them (one day she will write a book about how these two items can save you in almost every situation, as long as the situation involves tidying up). Laurine’s (moderately) angry writing can be found on her blog.


Nat is a British, 30-something IT professional living in Nottingham, UK. They are a sci-fi fan, amateur illustrator, transgender and neurodiversity activist, and IT professional who enjoys singing.