Episode 6: Musical Connections

Autistic Flappy Hour Episode 2: Autistic PassingAutistic Flappy Hour’s sixth episode is about music! It was recorded in November 2017. Our guest hosts were Sumita and Ragnhild for this episode, which also features Laurine.

Music featured in this episode is:
Soda Fountain Rag – I sit and wait for what
Soda Fountain Rag – Turn left
Sumita Music – Jodie’s spaceship

Flappy Things

Ragnhild was happy about being in Bristol and being able to see Pablo easily. Sumita went to a conference which she enjoyed, and has been reading a book. Laurine was pleased to have been diagnosed with ADHD, and a couple more things.

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Discussion – Musical Connections

Our main discussion was about music.

We discussed how our guests met (thanks to this podcast!) and learnt a little bit about their backstory. We then talked about how music helps them connect with people, dealing with autism disclosure, networking, and how Sumita and Ragnhild started out in music.

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