Episode 5: Autistic Identity

Autistic Flappy Hour Episode 2: Autistic PassingAutistic Flappy Hour’s fifth episode is all about autistic identity. We recorded it at Autscape in August 2016, so it’s a very long time coming indeed, but, well, life happened a lot. Our guest hosts were Megan and John-James for this episode, which also features Laurine and Nat.

Behind the scenes, Fergus worked extremely hard to edit and transcribe the episode, and Maxens helped with the transcription as well.

Flappy Things

John-James was simply flappy to be at Autscape for the first time. Laurine was flappy about cross-stitching the letter B from Par-la-fenetre’s ABC of Stimming. Megan was excited about her trip to Disneyland Paris and how good disabled access was. As for Nat, they were happy about their recent travels to Nine Worlds.

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Discussion – Autistic Identity

Our main discussion was about autistic identity.

We discuss our guest hosts’ autistm backstory, before delving into how we feel autism plays with other aspects of our identity. We then talk about how important our autistic identity is to us. Finally, we mention specific aspects of Autscape which made us think about our identity.

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