Special Episode: Interview with Steve Silberman

Autistic Flappy Hour Episode 2: Autistic PassingThis episode of Autistic Flappy Hour is a special edition: an interview with Steve Silberman (author of Neurotribes) by Laurine and Megan (guest co-host).

Special episode means special music! Sumita is a musician who is autistic, and she kindly agreed to let us use bits of her beautiful music.  They come from the album “Shapes and Ladders” – intro is from Magic Sheepskin Rug, stings are from Mr Dandylion, and the closing bit is from Shapes and Ladders.

Meeting Steve Silberman

Back in May, Laurine went to Norwich to watch a talk/discussion given by Steve Silberman, accompanied by autistic poet Joanne Limburg.

Meeting Steve Silberman was a great experience. He is a lovely person, and – important point for Laurine – he did not reach for a handshake. Laurine always feels very weird rejecting a handshake.

The Interview

In this interview, we talk about differences between the US and the UK as well as public perceptions of autism. We also touch on the subject of pop culture, and wonder what Steve would do the same and differently in hindsight. We close by discussing how the book could be used as a resource for young autistics, and mention the issue of translating Neurotribes into other languages.

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