Episode 4: Sensory Issues

Autistic Flappy Hour Episode 2: Autistic PassingAutistic Flappy Hour’s fourth episode is all about sensory issues. We also explain why we disappeared for so long, and discuss things that have made us flappy.

Flappy Things

Cisco was proud of an article he wrote about Autchat, and talked about recent chainmaille orders he has carried out. Laurine spoke about local advocacy she has been doing, and the positive experiences she has had with people who work for her council. Finally, Nat talked about Neurotribes and its impact – stay tuned for our next release, which will be an interview of Steve Silberman, the author.

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Discussion – Sensory Issues

Our main discussion was about sensory issues.

We discuss our own sensory issues, and define what we mean when we talk about sensory issues, as they are wider than the initial five senses you may think about. We then talk about oversensitivities and undersensitivities in more detail, before talking about sensory overload and our strategies to avoid it.

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Episode 5 will be about autistic people who work in the field of autism, but we will release a special episode before that: an interview with Steve Silberman. In the meantime, please rate or review us on iTunes or get in touch by leaving a comment on this post, emailing us at flappyhourcast at gmail dot com or sending a message on one of our social media accounts listed below.

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