Episode 1: Our Autism Stories

Autistic Flappy Hour Episode 1: Our Autism StoriesWelcome to Autistic Flappy Hour, a podcast with an autistic angle! For our first episode we introduce ourselves and the podcast, share the ‘flappy things’ making us happy this week and tell our autism stories; describing how autism has affected our lives and we’ve come to be a part of the autistic community.


We explain our motivations for the podcast. Nat mentions their previous podcast Bridging the Rift and explains why we decided against ‘Autcast’ as a name, to avoid being mixed up with Landon Bryce’s blogazine thAutcast. We also mention the Positively Autistic radio show for another source of autistic-run podcasts.

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Flappy things

Laurine’s flappy thing was that the National Autistic Society has published some new research about how we should speak about autism and autistic people, resulting in them deciding to phase out the use of ‘person with autism’ as the default, preferring ‘on the autism spectrum’.

Nat’s flappy thing was that they helped design new autistic communication cards, which will be available shortly on Hannah Ensor’s shop, Stickman Communications. The cards will be available from the 1st of August if you would like to order them.

Cisco’s flappy thing was that he recently started a storefront to sell the products of his special interest: chainmaille. Cisco’s chainmaille store has a twitter account where you can see what he makes and find a link to his shop if you would like to make any purchase!

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Discussion – About us and our autism stories

We get into more detail about our childhood, teenage years and adulthood and how we came to be identified as being autistic. We also speak about the importance of diagnosis and labels and how they can be helpful.

We finish off by talking about our involvement in the autistic community at large and what we hope to achieve with this new podcast.

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We hope to see you for our next episode, which will be about passing, with Cisco as the main host! In the meantime, why not get in touch by leaving a comment on this post, emailing us at flappyhourcast at gmail dot com or sending a message on one of our social media accounts listed below.

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